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April 15, 1958 



July 22, 1958 





202nd/ May 26, 1958 



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April 15, 1958 



July 22, 1958 



May 26, 1958 



(Listed in the order in which they 
P. L. Clark, H. R. 16— M. J. McChesney 
17— P. H. Gwynn 
18— Preston C. Oliver 
Chaplain, U.S.N. 
19— H. J. Kaylor 
20— N. H. Flowers 
21— L. C. Moore, F. M. 
22— C. L. Kirby 
23— J. F.Clark 
24— C. W. Worth 
25— J. S. Walkup 
26— H. H. Hilton 
27 — J. A. Marrow 
28— J. S. Russell 
29— C. S. McChesney 
30— B. L. Rose 
31— A. G.Harris, Jr. 
32— A. M. Daniel 


2— J. L. Fairly, H. R 
3 — D. L. Williamson 

F. M. 
4— J. W. Miller 
5 — M. C. MacQueen 
6— E. B. Carr, H. R. 
7— N. P. Farrior 
8— W. H. Allison 
9— F. M. Thompson 
H. R. 

10— L. A. Taylor 

11_F. W.Lewis, H. R 

12— W. H. Goodman 

13— B.F.Hall 

14_Neill G. Stevens 
H R 

15— W. F. F. Little 


-R. H. Erwin 
-S. T. Snively 
-H. B. Mitchell 
-R. K. Johnson 
-J. L. Stevenson 
-E. G. Connette 
-J. M. Irvine 
-R. J. Wilkins 
-C. H. McLean 
-D. B. Jenkins 
-F. A. Elliott 
-L. W. Kessler 
-R. B. Rock 
-J. R. MacKinnon 
-I. H. Rawles 
-H. T. Lewis 
-W. H. Terry 
-W. E. Pauley 


Name, Year Organized Name, Year Organized Name, Year Organized 

Acme, 1892 
Antioch, 1925 
Ashwood, 1922 
Baker, 1934 
Bethany, 1944 
Beth Carr, 1819 
Bethel, 1924 
Beulaville, 1917 
Black River, 1740 
Bladenboro, 1889 
Bowden, 1905 
Brunswick, 1947 
Burgaw, 1879 
Calypso, 1903 
Cape Fear, 1944 
Carolina Beach, 1943 
Caswell, 1858 
Chadbourn, 1897 
Chapel on Board- 
walk, 1952 
Chinquapin, 1884 
Clarkton, 1795 
Croatan, 1884 
Currie, 1914 
Delgado, 1916 
Elizabeth town, 1834 
Elkton, 1917 
Faison, 1857 
Graves Mem., 1838 


Richard Bethune, Wilbur Boice, J. Wessell Brown, Eugene Davis, Archie 
Faires, Roger Home, Edward Johnson, Jr., William McDonald, Eugene 
Musselwhite, Adolf Otersen, Timothy Outlaw, Perry Robinson, William 

Grove, 1736 
Hallsville, 1900 
Harmony, 1887 
Harper-South'd, 1945 
Hebron, 1886 
Holly Grove, 1914 
Hopewell, 1800 
Immanuel, 1895 
Jacksonville, 1911 
Lake Waccamaw, 1921 
Maple Hill, 1887 
McClure Mem., 1940 
Morehead City, 1929 
Mt. Horeb, 1843 
Mt. Olive, 1878 
Mt. Williams, 1845 
Mt. Zion, 1858 
Myrtle Grove, 1944 
New Hope, 1889 
Oakdale, 1933 
Oak Grove, 1952 
Oak Plains, 1859 
Page's Mill, 1946 
Pearsall Mem., 1914 
Pike, 1856 
Pineland, 1953 
Pink Hill, 1917 
Pleasant View, 1924 

Pollocksville, 1868 
Potts Mem., 1945 
Rockfish, 1756 
Rocky Point, 1922 
St. Andrews, 1858 
Ch. of Covenant, 1918 

Merged— 1944 
Smith, 1895 
Southport, 1902 
South River, 1796 
Stanford, 1892 
Stafford Mem., 1951 
Tabor City, 1944 
Teachey, 1902 
Topsail, 1871 
Trinity, 1954 
Wallace, 1884 
Warsaw, 1884 
Westminster, 1920 

(Wilmington), 1954 
White Plains, 1850 
Whiteville First, 1869 
Wildwood, 1898 
Willard, 1915 
Wilmington First, 1817 
Winter Park, 1913 
Woodburn, 1924 


April 15, 1958 

The 202nd Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Wilmington 
met at the Woodburn Presbyterian Church, Leland, N. C, at 
10 A.M. April 15, 1958. 

The retiring moderator, Ruling Elder Royden Caulk, led the 
opening service of worship speaking on "The Covenant of Grace." 

The roll was called. The following ministers were enrolled: 

P. L. Clark, J. W. Miller, J. S. Crowley, M. C. MacQueen, N. P. Farrior, 
W. H. Allison, L. A. Taylor, W. B. Hood, W. H. Goodman, Neill G. 
Stevens, W. F. F. Little, M. J. McChesney, J. C. McCann, H. J. Kaylor, 
N. H. Flowers, J. F. Clark, C. W. Worth, J. S. Steele, J. S. Walkup, H. H. 
Hilton, C. S. McChesney, A. G. Harris, Jr., A. M. Daniel, R. H. Erwin, 
S. T. Snively, H. B. Mitchell, R. K. Johnson, J. L. Stevenson, R. S. An- 
drews, E. G. Connette, Jr., J. M. Irvine, R. J. Wilkins, C. H. McLean, W. 
S. Smythe, D. B. Jenkins, F. A. Elliott, L. W. Kessler, J. R. MacKinnon, 
I. H. Rawles. 

The following churches, through their representatives, were 
enrolled : 

Antioch, James Justice; Baker, W. M. Dail; Bethany, H. B. Rivenbark; 
Beth Carr, Archie Robeson; Bethel, Leon Brown; Beaulaville, A. W. Gres- 
ham; Black River, E. W. Reeves; Bladenboro, R. F. Matheson; Brunswick, 
B. A. Richardson; Burgaw, L. R. Bradshaw; Calypso, H. B. Kornegay; 
Carolina Beach, D. N. Page; Chadbourn, E. L. Derrick; Chapel on the 
Boardwalk, C. £. Dixon, Sr.; Chinquapin, C. C. Mills; Clarkton, John D. 
Ward; Delgado, W. C. Scoggins; Elizabethtown, H. C. Clark; Graves 
Memorial, P. G. Bunn; Grove, Ivey N. Bowden; Hallsville, James Miller; 
Hopewell, J. B. Rivenbark, Sr.; Immanuel, Herbert J. Farrar; Jacksonville, 
H. M. Loy; Lake Waccamaw, Paul L. Sutton; McClure Memorial, E. J. 
Scott; Morehead City, J. W. Kellogg; Mt. Olive, L. J. Simmons; Myrtle 
Grove, Ted Rivenbark; Oak Plains, D. D. Williams; Pearsall Memorial, 
Robert Avcock; Pineland, Trov King; Pollocksville, H. A. Parker; Potts 
Memorial, Ben G. Fussell; Rockfish, J. A. Carr; Rocky Point, H. L. Webb; 
St. Andrews-Covenant, J. E. Hearn, Sr.; Smith, Grover Rhodes; Southport, 
Harold L. Adlridge; Stanford, Ralph A. Jones; Stafford Memorial, Henry 
Beatty; Teachey, B. F. Brinkley; Wallace, J. Luther Powell; Westminister 
(Whiteville), A. E. Heafner; Westminster (Wilmington), C. P. Gorman; 
Wildwood, W. A. Murdock; Willard, H. McN. Johnson; Wilmington First, 
A. T. Summey; Winter Park, R. T. Sinclair, Jr.; Woodburn, Billy Lennon. 

The following churches did not send representatives: 
Harmony, Harper-Southerland, Hebron, Holly Grove, Maple Hill, Mt. 
Horeb, Mt. Williams, Mt. Zion, New Hope, Oakdale, Oak Grove, Page's 
Mill, Pike, Pine Hill, Pleasant View, Acme, Ashwood, Bowden, Cape Fear, 
Caswell, Croatan, Currie, Elkton, Faison, South River, Tabor City, Top- 
sail, Trinity, Warsaw, White Plains, Whiteville, First. 

The Presbytery was constituted with prayer led by the retiring 
moderator. The moderator nominee, the Rev. A. G. Harris, Jr. 
was elected moderator. 

Elders attending for the first time were introduced to Presby- 



The host pastor, the Rev. R. K. Johnson, welcomed the Presby- 
tery to the Woodburn Church. 

The docket was adopted as amended. 

The Rev. W. S. Smythe, Jr. requested that the pastoral rela- 
tionship existing between him and the Tabor City and Brunswick 
Churches be dissolved and that he be granted a letter of transfer 
to Fayetteville Presbytery. The churches reported that duly called 
congregational meetings were held and that the churches re- 
luctantly concurred in the request. The request was granted. The 
pastoral relationship was dissolved, a letter of dismissal to Fayette- 
ville Presbytery was granted, effective April 22nd. 

The Rev. John S. Steele requested that the pastoral relationship 
existing between him and the Jacksonville Church be dissolved 
and that a letter of transfer to Norfolk Presbytery be granted. 
The church's representative reported that a duly called congrega- 
tional meeting the church reluctantly concurred in the request. 
The Presbytery dissolved the pastoral relationship effective June 
3rd and a letter of dismissal to Norfolk Presbytery was granted. 

The Rev. S. T. Snively reported for the committee on records. 
The report was adopted as follows: 


At the January, 1958 meeting, by direction of Presbytery, the Records 
Committee examined only those Session Records that included the question- 
naire that was sent to each clerk to be filled out and placed inside the 
Record book. The questionnaire was not a substitute for checking the Ses- 
sion Records. It was only an aid to speed up the tedious task of examina- 
tion. Fifty-six clerks co-operated by filling out the questionnaires and send- 
ing them to Presbytery with the Session Records. Ten clerks sent the Ses- 
sion Records without the questionnaires. Fifteen churches did not present 
their records for examination. 

Concerning the fifty-six books examined, thirty-one were approved with- 
out exception and twenty-five were approved with exceptions. The most 
frequent exception was the failure to enter the Annual Statistical Report in 
permanent form in the Session book. Eleven books failed to do this. Eight 
books disclosed the fact that the local Session failed to elect delegates to 
attend all the church courts. Four Sessions failed in having at least one 
meeting per quarter. These were the most common errors found by the 
Records Committee. 

The Records Committee plans, in the near future, to send a suggestion 
guide to all the clerks to be used in formulating more accurate methods for 
the recording and keeping of Session Records. As we experiment with 
methods and procedures aimed at a better examination of Session Records, 
we ask that both Presbytery and local Sessions bear with us, and cooperate 
with us. Any advice, criticism, or suggestions on how we can perform our 
functions more satisfactorily would be appreciated. 

The following churches presented Sessional Records that were approved 
without exception (31): Baker, Bethany, Bethel, Black River, Calypso, 
Chadbourn, Delgado, Elizabethtown, Graves Memorial, Grove, Hallsville, 
Jacksonville, Lake Waccamaw, McClure Memorial, Mount Olive, Mount 


Zion, New Hope, Oak Plains, Pearsall Memorial, Pollocksville, Potts Me- 
morial, Rockfish, St. Andrews-Covenant, Tabor City, Teachey, Trinity, 
Wallace, Warsaw, Wildwood, Willard, Woodburn. 

The following churches presented Sessional Records that were ap- 
proved with one or more exceptions (25): Antioch, Beulaville, Bladenboro, 
Brunswick, Burgaw, Carolina Beach, Caswell, Chinquapin, Clarkton, Cur- 
rie, Morehead City, First, Wilmington, First, Whiteville, Holly Grove, Im- 
manuel, Mount Williams, Myrtle Grove, Pike, Rocky Point, Stanford, Top- 
sail, Westminster (Wilmington), Westminster (Whiteville), Winter Park, 
White Plains. 

The following churches presented Sessional Records, but did not en- 
close the questionnaires as requested (10): Beth Carr, Bowden, Cape 
Fear, Harper-Southerland, Maple Hill, Mount Horeb, Oakdale, Oak Grove, 
Pink Hill, Smith. 

The following churches failed to present Sessional Records for exam- 
ination (15): Acme, Ashwood, Chapel on the Boardwalk, Croatan, Elkton, 
Faison, Harmony, Hebron, Hopewell, Pages Mill, Pineland, Pleasant View, 
Southport, South River, Stafford Memorial. 

The Rev. W. H. Goodman, Jr. presented Eugene Musselwhite who re- 
quested examination toward coming under the care of Presbytery as a 
candidate for the gospel ministry. Mr. Goodman reported that the necessary 
credentials had been received and found in order and recommended him for 
examination. It was so moved. The Rev. M. C. MacQueen examined him on 
Experimental Religion and Motives for Seeking the Ministry. The examina- 
tion was sustained as satisfactory. The moderator propounded the constitu- 
tional questions to the candidate who answered in the affirmative. The Rev. 
N. P. Farrior delivered a charge to the candidate. Mr. Musselwhite was en- 
rolled as a Candidate for the Gospel Ministry under the care of this Presby- 

Mr. William V. VanderVenter, a candidate for the ministry under the 
care of Lafayette Presbytery was presented. The letter of transfer from 
Lafayette Presbytery was read. It was moved that he be received as a candi- 
date under the care of this Presbytery. He was so enrolled. 

The Rev. A. G. Harris, Jr. presented the report of the Execu- 
tive Committee on Christian Education. It was adopted as follows: 


April 15, 1958 

Three meetings of the full committee were held since our last report: 
October 7, 1957 at the Little Chapel on the Boardwalk; October 22, 1957, 
at Westminster Church, Wilmington; and March 24, 1958, at the Jack- 
sonville Church. The members of the committee have been faithful in their 
attendance at the meetings and have also been faithful in working within 
the various sub-committees through which the actual work is done. 

The committee began the year with $1,240.56 in the bank, spent $1,- 
660.56 and concluded the year with $3,792.72. Of this amount $2,717.93 
is earmarked for the Camp and Conference Center Fund which is now 
held by the committee. A detailed statement is attached to this report. 

Plans for the summer program are progressing. A Workshop for Direct- 
ors of Vacation Church Schools has already been held and an Institute for 


teachers with laboratory classes is being presented April 19, at 10:00 A.M., 
in the Westminster Church, Wilmington. An area Laboratory School for 
teachers in the children's division will be held at Davidson July 27- 
August 1. 

Last year a total of sixty-three Vacation Church Schools were held in the 
Presbytery with a total enrollment of 3,734 pupils. 

A fine summer of camp last year has inspired the Pioneer Sub-committee 
to careful planning for the camps at Lake Singletary this year. They are as 
follows: Seventh Grade: June 16-21. A. M. Daniel, Director. Eighth 
Grade: June 23-28. J. L. Stevenson, Director. Ninth Grade: June 30-July 
5. Hubert Kaylor, Director. A training session was held at Lake Singletary 
for the leaders on April 7. Plans are underway for a Presbytery-wide 
Pioneer Conclave. 

Since the last report two fall rallies, a spring rally, and a Council Train- 
ing Session have been well-attended during the past year. Last year's con- 
ference at Peace College had 176 adults and young people in attendence. 

This year's conference will be held at Peace College, June 9-14. 

Attention is called to the Assembly Young Adult Conference at Mon- 
treal, June 23-27. 

From our Presbytery 69 persons from 20 churches attended the Men's 
Convention in Miami. An oral report on the Synod's Conference at Mon- 
treal June 20-22, is scheduled from James Harris, conference chairman, to 
the Presbytery. 

The fall rally at Wallace was attended by about 500 men and the 
Bladen-Columbus Men's Retreat was attended by 55 men. 

Two Area Leadership Training Schools were held. At Rose Hill there 
were 160 teachers enrolled and 39 credits were received. At Wilmington 
177 were enrolled with 127 receiving certificates. The opportunities which 
are presented at Montreat and elsewhere in summer programs is brought 
to your attention. 

An able committee has spent uncounted hours searching for an adequate 
campsite. Definite progress has been made and your prayers for the earliest 
possible acquisition and construction of an adequate camp are requested. 
There probably is no single matter which merits the attention of Presby- 
tery as urgently as this matter. Probably no single project of Presbytery 
promises to render richer dividends in Christian commitment and character. 

Your committee would express its appreciation to Miss Dot Lynch for 
another year of inspiring service to our Presbytery as Area Director of 
Christian Education. Her talented leadership has been felt throughout the 
educational work of our Presbytery and we are grateful to God for it. Rev. 
Robert Turner, Synod's Director, met with the committee and gave us the 
benefit of his gifts and experiences. 

We would record our gratitude to Rev. Jerry McCann for years of service 
to the committee as treasurer and to Rev. E. D. Witherspoon, as secretary. 
Replacing these members are Rev. J. S. Walkup, as secretary and Rev. Reid 
Erwin, as treasurer. 

The attention of the ministers and congregations of our Presbytery is 
called to the significant study of the basis of our curriculum in the Christ- 
ian Education program of our denomination. This report, sent to pastors, de- 
serves careful study. Its reception has been encouraging to those who labored 
upon it. We have an opportunity now to conduct individual and group 


studies of this report and give any results to the committee which is work- 
ing. It is an opportunity to help shape the character of our teaching ma- 
terials, rather than to criticize where we have not labored. This whole 
study grows out of a conscious effort to ground our teaching materials in 
the concepts of God's revelation to us in the Holy Bible. For this we all may 

The Committee of Christian Education is grateful for the loyal coopera- 
tion which it has met with in all the efforts which have been made to help 
the members of our churches to grow in grace and in the knowledge of 
Christ. We feel that real progress has been made and that our teaching 
program is becoming more effective in many areas. However, we note with 
concern that fewer members are enrolled in our Sunday Schools in the 
Presbytery on the 1957 report than on the 1956 report and that Sunday 
School enrollment still lags about 1,000 behind the number listed as com- 
municants. May this year bring even better teaching to a wider group of 
growing Christians. 

1. That every church seek to send at least one teacher to the Area 
Laboratory School at Davidson, July 27-August 1. 

2. That A. M. Daniel, J. L. Stevenson, and Hubert Kaylor be approved 
as Pioneer Camp Directors and Charles McChesney, as Senior High Con- 
ference Director for 1958. 

3. That each minister and congregation consider the curriculum study 
report "Teaching in the Covenant Community," for guidance in our Christ- 
ian Education program. 

4. That the following special days and seasons be observed in the 
churches : 

May 4-11 — Christian Family Week; September — Christian Education 
Month; September 28 — Rally Day; September 28-October 5 — Christian 
Education Week; November 2-9 — "Presbyterian Survey" Week. 

The Rev. W. H. Allison reported for the Permanent Committee 
on Higher Education. The report was adopted with its recom- 
mendations as follows: 

The Campaign for $300,000 for Campus Christian Life authorized by 
the Synod has been before the churches during the month of March. The 
first seventy-five churches reporting pledged $105,082. Reports from 
Wilmington Presbytery are coming in very slowly. The need has been 
shown to be very urgent, and churches are urged to accept a quota of 9% 
of their 1956 budget, exclusive of Building Fund. 

Though the matter of the Consolidated College is temporarily tied up in 
the courts, much progress has been made in each department of planning 
for the College. 

The Curriculum Study held at Chapel Hill last summer has produced 
an ideal curriculum which will make the College unique and distinctive 
in that the curriculum places the Christian faith in the very warp and 
woof of the total academic program. 

The consulting architects, Engelhardt, Engelhardt, Leggett and Cornell 
of New York, have been hard at work ever since the first of the year study- 
ing the proposed curriculum and seeking to interpret and translate it into 
a general plan of requirements in terms of space and arrangement so that 
the buildings on the new campus will fully meet the needs of our unique 
program. They promise to complete their work on May 1st. Mr. A. G. 


Odell, Jr. of Charlotte is making preliminary studies now and will com- 
plete his sketches as rapidly as possible after receiving the report from the 
consultants. The choice of both consultants and the primary architect has 
been highly commended from many sections of the Synod. 

The Consolidated College has collected in actual cash over $1,300,000, 
of which over $300,000 has been collected since December 15th. 

The target date set for the opening of the Consolidated College in 
Laurinburg is September, 1960. 

The recent salary increases at Davidson College, made possible by 
grants from large Foundations, are most encouraging. We wish the 
same scale of increases were possible at all of our colleges. Though our 
schools are reporting increased enrollments, capacity in most instances, 
deficits are almost inescapable this year, and they are faced with the 
necessity of raising tuition unless funds can be found elsewhere. David- 
son is raising tuition charges to $700 this fall. 

We now have eleven candidates for the ministry under care of Wil- 
mington Presbytery, seven are in seminaries, four in college, one in 
high school and one in service. 

Recommendations : 

1. That local churches which have not accepted a quota for Campus 
Christian Life consider the serious need for the Church to provide spiritual 
oversight for its Presbyterian students in our Colleges other than Presby- 
terian, and report to Campaign Headquarters in Raleigh as soon as possible 
the amount of their support. 

2. That recognition be given in some way on April 20th, National 
Christian College Day, to the contribution Presbyterian Higher Education 
has made to the Christian foundations of our country and the need for 
Presbyterian Higher Education in the life of our country today. 

W. H. ALLISON, Chairman 

Elder H. McNair Johnson read the report of the Committee on 
Annuities and Relief. It was adopted as follows: 


The Presbytery's Committee on Annuities and Relief submits the follow- 
ing report of the activities of the Board of Annuities and Relief for the 
year 1957. 

We are delighted to report to you that the Minister's Annuity Fund had 
179 ministers enrolled during the year 1957. There were 69 retirements. 
The total active membership of the Fund as of December 31, 1957 was 

The membership in the Employees Annuity Fund at the beginning of 
1957 was 306. Forty-three new members were added during the year. 
It is our hope that more churches and agencies will enroll all eligible em- 
ployees during this year, thereby providing an income for them at 

The combined assets of the two above mentioned Funds as of December 
31, 1956 were $20,288,334.89; as of December 31, 1957 they were $22,- 
238,253.94; an increase of $1,949,919.05. 

In the opinion of this committee, Ministerial Relief is Christianity in 
Action. In 1957 the Board of Annuities and Relief supplemented the an- 


nuities of 320 annuitants to the amount of $291,047.71. Total supplements 
to annuitants since 1946 were $1,862,701.12. In 1957, 291 beneficiaries 
received $277,288.14, divided among 205 widows, 54 ministers, 15 lay 
missionaries and 17 orphans. The oldest beneficiary, who would have cele- 
brated her 101st birthday on January 11, 1958 died on January 7th. The 
total number assisted from Ministerial Relief Funds in 1957 was 611. The 
amount of this assistance was $568,335.85. Twenty-four beneficiaries and 
20 annuitants died during 1957. The sources of income from which these 
grants are made are: The Joy Gift, 6.42% participation in the benevolent 
budget of the churches, interest income from the Endowment Fund and 
interest income from our surplus relief account. The Joy Gift represents 
approximately 45% of the total income for this purpose which indicates 
the vital importance of a generous Joy Gift. 

We now have an enrollment of 2,963 in our Group Life Insurance Plan. 
In major medical there are 2,398. There are 922 dependents on the roll. 
The major medical plan is extremely broad in scope and pays the major 
portion of practically all types of hospital, surgical and medical expense 
incurred by the insured above a small deductible amount. Since the be- 
ginning of these plans 86 life insurance death claims have been paid 
totaling $211,000.00; 3,098 health and accident claims totaling $290,- 
924.46. The Board reports that numerous expressions of gratitude have 
been received from the recipients of these benefits which leaves no doubt 
that this phase of our work has been well received and the protection 
greatly needed. 

The members of your committee were very pleased to have been inform- 
ed by the Board of Annuities and Relief that, at a meeting held on February 
26, 1958, an increase was granted to each beneficiary as follows: For 
couples from $2,000 to $2,200 and for individuals from $1,250 to $1,- 
400. These increases are retroactive to January 1, 1958. 

The above information concerns the Assembly and its work among those 
who need the assistance of the Board of Annuities and Relief. We now 
turn to the benefits received by the various groups in our own Presbytery, 
who have been receiving assistance from the Board of Annuities and Re- 
lief. There are three retired ministers in our Presbytery who are the re- 
cipients of this valuable aid. At the beginning of the year there were four 
but we regret to report that one of them passed on to his reward during the 
year. Three widows are on the roll of annuitants in our Presbytery. 

We have two ministers receiving the maximum assistance from the 
division of the Reynolds Fund, one is receiving the middle allotment and 
one the minimum. 

Your committee is grateful to each of you for the help and cooperation 
of each of you in making this report possible. With your help and prayers 
we hope to reach a higher level of assistance to all whom we are privileged 
to aid. 

Respectfully submitted, 

H. McNAIR JOHNSON, Chairman 
Presbytery's Committee on Annuities 
and Relief 

The proposed amendments to the Manual of Presbytery were 
adopted as follows: 

Section VI, Paragraph 3. Add to the end of the paragraph on Perma- 
nent Committees the words, "The Committee on Nominations shall desig- 
nate a convener for each permanent committee and the committee shall 
elect its own chairman." 



Section VI, Paragraph 3, Subparagraph K. Following the words "into 
the Presbytery" add the following. "The Chairman shall conduct the exam- 
ination as a whole calling upon members of the committee to conduct the 
examinations in their particular areas of responsibility. If the chairman 
cannot be present he shall designate another member of the committee to 
conduct the examination as a whole in his place." 

It was moved that the Minutes of the Commission on the 
Minister and His Work, when acting as a committee, need not 
necessarily be included in the report of its proceedings to Presby- 
tery. It was adopted. 

James Harris reported the coming Men's Conference to be 
held in Montreat, June 20-22. 

The moderator appointed the following standing committees: 

Leave of Absence: W. F. F. Little, H. A. Parker. 
Resolutions and Thanks: John R. MacKinnon, E. L. Derrick. 
Place of Next Meeting: H. J. Kaylor and J. W. Kellogg. 

The Rev. H. H. Hilton spoke in behalf of the Pre- Assembly 
Conference on Evangelism. 

The Rev. J. C. McCann requested Presbytery to dissolve the 
pastoral relationship existing between him and the Chapel on the 
Boardwalk Church and that he be granted a letter of transfer to 
the Presbytery of Orange. The representative from the church re- 
ported that at a duly called congregational meeting, the church 
reluctantly concurred in the request. Presbytery dissolved the 
pastoral relationship and granted a letter of transfer to Mr. 
McCann to the Presbytery of Orange, effective April 1 5th. 

The Rev. W. B. Hood requested Presbytery to dissolve the 
pastoral relationship existing between him and the Wallace Pres- 
byterian Church and that a letter of transfer to the Presbytery of 
Cherokee be granted. The representative of the church reported 
that at a duly called congregational meeting the church reluct- 
antly concurred in the request. The Presbytery granted the re- 
quest, dissolving the pastoral relationship and granted a letter of 
transfer to Cherokee Presbytery effective May 1st. 

The Presbytery recessed for lunch with prayer by the moderator. 

The Presbytery reconvened with a hymn and prayer led by the 
Rev. J. L. Stevenson. 

The Rev. Harry Mitchell reported the Radio-TV Center serv- 
ices available. 

The Rev. John Irvine in behalf of the Nominations Committee 
submitted the names of Laughlin Bethune as principal commis- 
sioner to the General Assembly, R. S. Gray, alternate. They were 



Standing Committee on Leave of Absences reported as follows : 

The following were excused from attendance at this meeting: 

J. S. Russell, J. A. Marrow, B. F. Hall, B. L. Rose, P. H. Gwynn, R. R. 
Rock. The following were excused at 2 P.M.: P. L. Clark, W. F. F. Little, 
H. A. Parker, R. K. Johnson, R. F. Matheson, H. M. Loy, J. S. Steel, N. P. 
Farrior, Grover Rhodes, S. T. Snively, I. N. Bowden, James Miller. 

Standing Committee on Resolutions of Thanks reported as 
follows : 

The delegates to the 202nd Stated Session of Wilmington Presbytery wish 
to express their appreciation to the following: 

1. To the ladies of the Woodburn Church for the delicious meal served 
to us. 

2. To the members and officers of the Woodburn Church for their 
gracious hospitality during our meeting in their beautiful church. 

3. To the retiring moderator, Elder Royden Caulk for his splendid 

4. To the moderator, the Rev. A. G. Harris, Jr. for the efficient way 
the meeting was conducted. 

5. To the host pastor, the Rev. R. K. Johnson for the many duties car- 
ried on behind the scenes which made this meeting a significant day in the 
life of the Presbytery. 

Be it resolved also that the clerk send a copy of these resolutions to the 
Clerk of Session and to the President of the Women of the Woodburn 


Committee on Resolutions and Thanks 

The report was adopted. 

Standing Committee on Place of Next Meeting reported the 
invitation of the Chadbourn Church to meet at Chadbourn at a 
time to be determined by the moderator. The invitation was ac- 

The Rev. Horace Hilton was nominated moderator for the next 

The minutes were read and approved. 

It was moved that the elders attending Presbytery for the first 
time be indicated with an asterick. It was so ordered. 

The Presbytery was adjourned with prayer by the Rev. J. S. 
Crowley, to meet at the call of the moderator at Chadbourn, N. C. 

J. S. WALKUP, Permanent Clerk 
L. A. TAYLOR, Stated Clerk 



May 26, 1958 

The Presbytery of Wilmington met, in response to the call of 
the Moderator, on Monday, May 26, 1958, in the Chapel of the 
First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, N. C. The meeting was 
called to order and led in pra} f er by the Moderator, Rev. Albert 
G. Harris, Jr., at 2:30 P.M. 

The roll was called and the following members enrolled: 

M. J. McChesney, James A. Marrow, J. S. Russell, Albert G. Harris, Jr., 
Richard K. Johnson, Richard S. Andrews, Edward G. Connette, Jr., John 
M. Irvine, David B. Jenkins, Frank A. Elliott, L. A. Taylor. The churches 
were enrolled by their representatives as follows: St. Andrews-Covenant, 
Alex Urquhart, R. C. Piatt, Jr.; Mt. Horeb, Charles L. Braddy; Elizabeth- 
town, W. S. Morgan; First Church, Wilmington, A. T. Summey. A quo- 
rum was present and the Presbytery was constituted by prayer. 

The Stated Clerk read the Call for the meeting. This Call was 
found in order and made the docket for the meeting, as follows: 

Receive and act upon the call of the St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian 
Church, Wilmington, for the ministerial services of Rev. Edward G. Con- 
nette, Jr., and, if the call be found in order, to appoint a Commission of the 
Presbytery to install him as Pastor of this congregation. 

Rev. M. J. McChesney, Chairman of the Commission on the Minister 
and His Work, read the call of the congregation and reported that this call 
had been considered by the Commission and approved by it for recommen- 
dation to the Presbytery. He made the motion that the call be approved. 
The motion was seconded and the vote taken. The call was approved. Mr. 
Connette indicated his willingness to accept the call and the call was 
placed in his hands. 

The following persons were appointed a Commission to install 
Mr. Connette in the St. Andrews-Covenant Presbvterian Church 
on June 15, at 7:30 P.M. 

Ministers: Horace H. Hilton, Frank B. Hall, John R. MacKinnon, Hu- 
bert J. Kaylor, L. A. Taylor; Ruling Elder J. Kyle Bannerman with W. E. 
Starnes alternate. 

There being no further business, the minutes of the meeting 
were read and approved, and the meeting adjourned with prayer 
led by Rev. Richard K. Johnson. 

L. A. TAYLOR, Stated Clerk 



July 22, 1958 

The 203rd Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Wilmington 
met at the Chadbourn Presbyterian Church of Chadbourn, N. C, 
July 22, 1958, 10:00 A.M. 

The opening worship was led by the retiring moderator who 
gave a most inspiring message from Acts 20. 

The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered by the 
Rev. C. W. Worth and the Rev. J. S. Russell, assisted by Ruling 
Elders Royden Caulk, Granger Tadlock, Graham Shaw and John 

The roll was called. The following ministers were enrolled. 

M. C. MacQueen, N. P. Farrior, W. H. Allison, L. A. Taylor, W. H. 
Goodman, B. F. Hall, Neill G. Stevens, H. J. Kaylor, N. H. Flowers, C. W. 
Worth, J. S. Walkup, H. H. Hilton, J. A. Marrow, J. S. Russell, C. S. Mc- 
Chesney, A. G. Harris, Jr., A. M. Daniel, R. H. Erwin, S. T. Snively, R. K. 
Johnson, J. L. Stevenson, R. S. Andrews, E. G. Connette, Jr., J. M. Irvine, 
R. J. Wilkins, C. H. McLean, F. A. Elliott, L. W. Kessler, R. B. Rock, J. 
R. MacKinnon, I. H. Rawles. 

The following churches were represented as follows: 

Acme, S. C. Faulk; Antioch, John H. Bender; Baker, Granger Tadlock; 
Bethany, J. R. Murray; Beth Carr, A. H. Singletary; Bethel, Cicero Lanier; 
Beulaville, Gardner Edwards; Black River, L. G. Beatty; Bladenboro, W. G. 
Somerville, Jr. (Deacon); Burgaw, Cleveland Bowdin; Calypso, Ed Lewis; 
Carolina Beach, D. N. Page; Caswell, Graham Shaw; Chadbourn, G. H. 
Boughner; Chapel on the Boardwalk, R. L. Graves; Chinquapin, G. L. 
Landon; Elizabethtown, E. C. Clark, Jr.; Faison, W. H. McCullen; Graves 
Memorial, F. B. Johnson; Grove, R. V. Wells; Hallsville, Ralph Miller; 
Hopewell, Ernest Jones; Jacksonville, Marion W. Eubank; Lake Waccamaw, 
R. G. Lytton; Maple Hill, S. A. Lanier; McClure Memorial, Rex M. Kern; 
Mt. Horeb, James Monroe; Mt. Williams, R. A. Thigpen; Mt. Zion, M. L. 
Carr; Morehead City, J. W. Kellogg; Myrtle Grove, T. C. Rivenbark; New 
Hope, S. L. Purvis; Oak Grove, J. W. Vogel; Oak Plains, L. W. Newkirk; 
Pearsall Memorial, Melzar Pearsall, Jr.; Pineland, Troy King; Rockfish, J. 
A. Carr; Rocky Point, E. F. Langston; St. Andrews-Covenant, C. R. Brin- 
dell; Smith, J. R. Thomas; Southport, W. C. Webb; Stanford, Ned Roberts; 
Tabor City, W. O. Jackson, Jr.; Wallace, Ed Johnson; Warsaw, E. L. 
Sheffield; Westminster, (Whiteville), J. P. Warner, Sr.; Whiteville, First, 
Kenneth Dorward; Wildwood, R. W. Davis; Wilmington, First, L. N. 
Boney, Jr.; Winter Park, J. B. Bowden; Willard, C. R. Dillard. 

The following churches did not send representatives : 

Ashwood, Bowden, Brunswick, Cape Fear, Clarkton, Croatan, Currie, 
Delgado, Elkton, Harmony, Harper-Southerland, Hebron, Holly Grove, Im- 
manuel, Mt. Olive, Oakdale, Pages Mill, Pike, Pink Hill, Pleasant View, 
Pollocksville, Potts Memorial, Stafford, Teachey, Topsail, Trinity, West- 
minster (Wilmington), White Plains, Woodburn, South River. 

A quorum was declared present. Presbytery was constituted with 
prayer by the moderator. 

The Rev. H. H. Hilton was elected moderator. 



Guests were introduced as follows : 

Summer Student Supplies: Jim Atwood, Edgar Mayse, Bob Ledbetter, 
George Sowerby; Candidates: Ed Johnston, Wilbur Boice; Elders attending 
first time: John H. Bender, C. R. Brindell, Kenneth Dorward. 

The Rev. J. L. Stevenson, host pastor, welcomed the Presbytery 
to the Chadbourn Church. The necessary announcements were 

The communications were read by the Stated Clerk. These 
were referred to the proper committees. 

It was moved that the proposed amendments to the Book of 
Church Order be distributed; that the Committee on Records make 
a special study of the proposed changes and make recommendations 
at the October meeting. 

Candidate C. E. Dixon was granted a letter of transfer to the 
Presbytery of Hanover. 

The Rev. W. H. Goodman, Jr. presented James Wessel Brown 
with the recommendation of the Committee on Higher Education 
that he be examined and received as a candidate for the Gospel 
Ministry. The candidate was examined on Experimental Religion 
and Motives for Seeking the Ministry by the Rev. M. C. Mac- 
Queen. The examination was sustained as satisfactory. The mod- 
erator propounded the constitutional questions and led the Presby- 
tery in prayer for the candidate. Mr. Brown was enrolled as a 
candidate for the Gospel Ministry under the care of Wilmington 

The letters of transfer for candidates Herbert T. Lewis, Albe- 
marle Presbytery; William E. Pauley, Jr., Kanawha Presbytery; 
William H. Terry, Granville Presbyter}', were read and received. 
The candidates were presented for examination with view to Li- 
censure and Ordination to the Gospel Ministry. 

The Rev. B. F. Hall led the examinations on Theology, the 
Sacraments and Church Government. These examinations were 
sustained as satisfactory. 

The Rev. M. C. MacQueen led the examinations on Experi- 
mental Religion. This examination was sustained as satisfactory. 

The Rev. J. A. Marrow led the examinations on English Bible. 
This examination was sustained as satisfactory. 

The assigned written parts were reported to be in order and 
well done, by the chairman, Mr. Goodman. These were approved 
as satisfactory. 

Mr. Lewis preached a sermon from I Corinthians 12-13. 

Mr. Pauley preached a sermon from I Peter 2. 

Mr. Terry preached a sermon from Matthew 9:35, 36. 



The examinations as a whole were sustained as satisfactory, with 
the note that Mr. Lewis is received under the extraordinary clause 
in that he has not studied the original languages. 

The examinations for Licensure were accepted as satisfactory 
for Ordination. 

The calls to the respective churches were found in order as 
follows : 

Mr. Lewis to the Faison-Calypso Churches with salary of $2,350.00 per 
annum and manse from Faison Church, $2,150.00 per annum from the 
Calypso Church; both churches participating in MAF. 

Mr. Pauley to the Southport Church, $1,200.00 per annum, manse and 
MAF; New Hope $1,020.00 per annum, MAF, with supplement from 
Home Mission Committee to bring total salary above minimum set by 

Mr. Terry to the Acme Church for $4,500.00 salary per annum, manse 
and MAF. 

Each candidate indicated his willingness to accept the respec- 
tive calls. They were ordered enrolled as members of the Presby- 
tery upon their ordination and signing of the obligations. 

The Commissions of Installation and Ordination were appoint- 
ed as follows: 

Mr. Lewis at Faison-Calypso — at Faison, N. C, July 27 at 8 P.M. The 
Rev. N. H. Flowers, chairman to preside, Dr. L. A. Taylor, the Rev. Charles 
Williams, the Rev. C. S. McChesney, Elder M. G. Cording; alternates: the 
Rev. S. T. Snively, and L. B. Huie. 

Mr. Pauley at Southport-New Hope. New Hope August 10 at 4 P.M.; 
Southport at 8 P.M. The Rev. C. W. Worth, chairman, the Rev. E. C. Con- 
nette, Jr., the Rev. W. H. Terry, the Rev. J. S. Russell, alternate. Elders: 
Mac Jones, S. C. Faulk. Elders Dan McCloud, Pee Dee Presbytery, and Will 
E. Pauley, Kanawha Presbytery were invited to serve with the commission. 

Mr. Terry at the Acme Church July 27, 7 P.M. The Rev. J. L. Steven- 
son, chairman, the Rev. E. C. Connette, Jr. and The Rev. D. B. Jenkins; 
Ruling Elders A. W. Blount and W. G. Houck. The Rev. J. S. Russell, alter- 
nate. The Rev. Archie G. McKee of First Presbyterian Church, Lenoir, 
N. C, Concord Presbytery was invited to serve with the commission. 

The moderator appointed the following standing committees: 

Leave of Absence: The Rev. J. R. MacKinnon, the Rev. J. S. Russell, 
the Rev. Richard Johnson. 

Resolution of Thanks: The Rev. E. C. Connette, Jr., the Rev. H. J. Kay- 
lor, the Rev. Reid Erwin. 

Presbytery recessed for lunch with the praver of thanks being 
offered by the Rev. C. W. Worth. 

Presbytery reconvened with prayer at 2 P.M. 

Leslie N. Boney, Jr. presented the report of Presbytery's Coun- 
cil. The report with its recommendation was adopted. 




The Council of Wilmington Presbytery submits the following report: 
The council met in a full membership session once during the past year, and 
the executive committee met on two other occasions. 

To the best of my knowledge we have discharged the assignments of 

In the beginning I would like to call your attention to the other men and 
women who form your Presbytery's Council: Dr. B. Frank Hall, the Rev. 
Wade H. Allison, the Rev. Albert G. Harris, the Rev. M. J. McChesney, the 
Rev. N. P. Farrior, Mrs. J. R. Benson, Mrs. D. D. Clark, Mr. James P. 
Harris, Mr. Forrest Mallard, Mr. E. Walker Stevens, Mr. Charles R. Brin- 
dell, Mr. John T. Talbert, Jr., Miss Janet Allison, Dr. L. A. Taylor, ex- 

As we have mentioned before, our Presbytery continues to lag woefully 
behind other Presbyteries in gifts to benevolences. 

Our per capita giving for benevolences for the year 1957 was $14.00. 
This is the lowest of the nine Presbyteries of the Synod of North Carolina. 
It was $4.87 lower than the next low, and $20.20 lower than the highest 
among the Presbyteries of the Synod, and $8.19 lower than the per capita 
for the churches of the Synod. 

Our per capita giving for Current Expenses for the year 1957 was 
$37.48. This was next to the lowest among the nine Presbyteries of the 
Synod and $6.04 lower than the per capita giving for the churches of the 

Our per capita giving for all causes; benevolences, current expenses and 
building, was $70.30. This was next to the lowest among the nine Presby- 
teries and $15.50 lower than the average for the churches of the Synod. 

As to our standing it should be considered that according to Synod's rec- 
ords our Presbytery withheld 53.79% of an estimated tithe and we were a 
close second, from the bottom in this. 

Your council is delighted to report that 1957 shows that we have in- 
creased the number of churches having an Every Member Canvass and 
we now rank 5th among the 9 Presbyteries. This is heartening as our 1956 
position was 9th. It is hoped that a continuation of this canvassing of 
every member will result in an increase in the total stewardship effort of 
our Presbytery. It must be said that we feel that stewardship requires a 
greater emphasis. Thereby more will know the Joy of Giving and more will 
know the Joy of the Lord. 

The idea of area stewardship conferences was approved by the Council 
and was referred for appropriate action to its Special Stewardship Committee 
with John T. Talbert, Jr., as chairman. 

In evangelism our record is better in comparison with the other Presby- 
teries, as we ranked 5th among the 9; however, in this area we fell below 
our usual performance. For the past 10 years we have been in 1st and 2nd 
place year after year and ranked 2nd for the period 1949-57. Our per- 
formance in evangelism in 1957 was the lowest, in our Presbytery, in the 
last 10 years, as our membership increased from 13,065 to 13,149. This 
net increase of 84 compares with 373 the preceeding year. Our Sunday 
School membership as of December 31, 1957 showed a decrease from 12,- 
106 to 12,075 or a loss of 31, whereas in 1956 we had a net growth of 
561. While some of these figures may be attributable to a reduction in 
military operations and personnel in Eastern North Carolina, it is ap- 
parent that a program of evangelism is needed in our church. 

Our Commission on the Minister and His Work is to be commended 
for their diligent efforts to assist the churches of the Presbytery in securing 
pastors for vacancies. Our turn-over among pastors is high, but usually the 
vacancies have been filled in a comparitively short time. 



In this connection because our ministers can not and do not say a word 
in their own behalf so far as salaries are concerned, I feel that I should 
say that our great church has taken shameful advantage of these men in 
passing them by when doling out monetary recompense for their devo- 
tion and truly tireless efforts in our behalf. They are entitled to educate 
their children, to dress respectibly, to have a reasonable amount of life 
insurance, to enjoy the creature comforts of our society, and to generally 
be "free from worldly care". 

It has been said that our school teachers are giving each student a 
scholarship because they are not being paid their full worth. I agree with 
this statement, but must say that this analogy is doubly applicable to our 
ministers, and I hope that we are ready and willing (for we are able) to 
do something about this way that we have treated these devoted shepherds 
of God's flock. 

The Committee on Christian Education has maintained an excellent 
variety and high quality in their work. During the year they sponsored 
3 camps for the Pioneer ages, a conference for the Senior High ages, 3 area 
Leadership Training Schools and Training Classes for teachers in the 
church schools. In this connection we should point out that our Camp 
and Conference program has reached the limit of our facilities. While 
our leaders report that the Senior High Conference at Peace College this 
summer was the best to their knowledge, approximately 50 young people 
who applied had to be turned down due to the lack of space. It is hoped 
that further progress can be made in the provision or an adequate camp 
and conference center for the Presbytery. 

The work of the Women as well as the Men of the Church continues to 
grow and the leaders of these groups are to be commended for their 

While many positions of leadership have been held by members of our 
churches, it should be noted that Mrs. B. Frank Hall is president of the 
United Church Women of N. C, J. Neveland Brand, Jr., is chairman of 
Synod's Council, James P. Harris is president of Synod's Mens Council. 

I have been requested to specifically invite your attention to the Men's 
Fall Rally which mil be held at the newly remodeled St. Andrews-Covenant 
Church in Wilmington on September 18, 1958. One of the South's most 
interesting speakers, a leading layman and staff editor of the Atlanta 
Constitution will address the group, B. O. x\ckman, who writes "smiles" 
for the Presbyterian Survey. 

In going over the work of our Presbytery at its meeting July 18, 1958, 
the Council directed the following report be presented to the Presbytery 
as an outline of the activities of the Executive Secretary. 



June 30, 1957 - June 30, 1958 

Preached 67 sermons. 

Conducted two series of evangelistic services of one week. 

Conducted six television and six radio devotional services. 

Taught courses of one week's duration in Area Leadership School and 
Senior Youth Conference. 

Led a discussion group in Synod's Men's Conference. 

Delivered nine addresses to groups. 

Attended, and gave some assistance to forty-six committee meetings. 



Participated in the Assembly's Town and Country Pastor's Institute, 
Assembly's Church Extension Conference, Assembly's Stated Clerks Confer- 
ence, and Assembly's Conference on Evangelism. 

Participated in one-day meetings of Synod's Stewardship Committee, 
Synod's Council, Synod's Committee on Nominations. 

Assisted pulpit nominating committees in securing pastors for twenty- 
nine churches. 

Wrote approximately 350 personal letters Chased on number of 3c 
stamps used). 

Made two trips to Union Seminary to interview prospective pastors. 

Traveled 21,000 miles. 

Served as treasurer for: Home Mission Committee, Presbytery, Presby- 
tery's Office, and Church and Manse Fund. 

Devoted an average of five hours per week to personal counselling. 

Respectfully submitted, 


The Council received the report and commended Dr. Taylor for his 
faithfulness, energy, and effectiveness. 

We would like to call the attention of Presbytery to the fact that the 
Assembly and Synod have requested an increase in the per capita assess- 
ment and some of the administrative expenses of the various causes and 
offices are being paid for in this fashion. 

The Council has adopted a similar plan in its budget recommendations 
for the contingent fund and the total assessment will be 75c per member, 
with 21c going to Assembly, 34c going to Synod, and 20c going to Presby- 

With these remarks we submit the following recommendations: 

1. That the Presbytery accept the apportionment of the General As- 
sembly's Benevolences of $112,933. 

2. That the Presbytery accept the apportionment of Synod's benevolen- 
ces of $71,733. 

3. That the Presbytery adopt a budget for Presbytery Benevolences in 
the amount of $91,449, which is broken down as follows: 

Church Extension $71,564 

Christian Education 1,000 

Camp and Conference Center 3,000 

Presbytery's Office 15,885 

4. That the Stewardship Committee of Presbytery be authorized to work 
out the percentages to be assigned to each item in the budget when these 
percentages are received from Synod's office. 

5. That this budget be apportioned to the churches using the formula 
of Vs on the basis of membership, Vs on the basis of average benevolent 
giving over the past 3 years, and Vs on the basis of total average giving 
over the last 3 years excluding building expenses. 

6. That an Every Member Canvass be held in each church this fall 
and that Presbytery commends the use of Assembly's publications as guides 
and aids in promulgating this effort. 



7. That Presbytery make an all out effort for the Annual Week of 
Prayer and Self-denial for Church Extension and that all concerned assist 
the women of the church in their plans for promoting this work. 

8. That in recognition of the need for increased training for ruling 
elders and deacons that Presbytery urges each local church to provide train- 
ing for all of its officers and newly elected officers in particular. Each 
church is requested to provide the manual "THE WORK OF THE 
CHURCH, WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY?", for study by its officers, and 
may look to the Committee on Christian Education for help and guidance. 

9. That, in recognition of the effectiveness of the Area Leadership 
Training Schools, for Teachers and Leaders in the regular and vacation 
church schools that all local churches are encouraged to promote and 
participate to the maximum extent possible in these programs. 

10. That, in recognition of the responsibility as set forth in our Book of 
Church Order for the churches to provide salaries which would in a 
reasonable manner free our ministers from worldly care, that the recent 
study made by Synod's "LAYMEN'S COMMITTEE TO STUDY MINIS- 
TERS' SALARIES", which is being distributed to all officers, is commended 
to each local church for its most serious consideration and appropriate 
action. The Churches may look to the Commission on "The Minister and 
His Work", the Home Mission Committee, and the special committee on 
this subject for help and guidance. 

Respectfully submitted, 

LESLIE N. BONEY, JR., Chairman 
Presbytery's Council 

The Rev. J. A. Marrow presented the report of the General 
Fund Agencies. It was adopted as follows: 


Real progress has been made on all eight General Fund Agencies dur- 
ing 1957. A few significant contributions from each of these agencies 
are as follows: 

1. The General Council: It has made available this year a splendid 
new manual on the Pre-Budget Canvass. The Committee urges every 
Session and Board of Deacons to study and use this manual in their 
Stewardship Canvass this fall. The General Council has also provided a 
very helpful manual for the church evaluation Committee. 

2. General Assembly's Training School: There were 112 students en- 
rolled in 1957-1958 session at the school in Richmond, Virginia. With 
the completion during 1957 of a new residence building, 41 additional 
student spaces have been provided. 

3. Mountain Retreat Association: The summer program of 26 con- 
ferences attracted 35,000 visitors to Montreat in 1957. 

4. Stillman College: The largest enrollment in the history of the col- 
lege brought 364 students to the institution in the fall of 1957, and three 
new faculty members were added during the year. 

5. American Bible Society: In this Synod, the American Bible Society 
has presented the means and the challenge to carry the gospel to the non- 
church goer through wayside Gospel Dispensers, and has offered to every 
church an evangelistic plan to provide a readable Bible in every home at 



no expense to the church. It also offered tools for leading the entire 
community in a period of Bible reading. 

6. Historical Foundation: The impending installation of a microfilm 
camera, now on order, will further enlarge the possibilities of serving the 
church as well as making it feasible to obtain copies of numerous items in 
cases where the original cannot be permanently secured. 

7. Board of Women's Work: The Birthday Gift this year of $215,- 
159.79 was the largest on record. After the cost of promotion had been 
deducted 5102,904.49 was made available to medical work in Korea and 
a like sum to student work in Mexico. 3,500 women participated in 
Synodical Training Schools and Adult Conferences held in every Synod of 
the Church. The excellent Literature supplied by the Board is keeping 
the challenge of the total church before the women of the local churches. 

8. Presbyterian Foundation: The General Assembly calls attention to 
the Presbyteries and to the local churches that the Foundation is an agency 
of the church incorporated in North Carolina for the purpose of receiving, 
investing and distributing bequests, gifts, annuities and insurance to any 
and all organized agencies of the Assembly. 


1. That the Presbytery urge pastors and Sessions to observe Seminary- 
Assembly's Training School Day on April 26, 1959 in order that young 
men and women of superior gifts and consecration may be encouraged to 
enter church vocations. The committee suggests that this be observed 
by the pastor or a student from the Training School or Seminary preaching 
a sermon on "The Challenge of a Church Vocation". 

2. That all pastors and Sessions be urged to recognize the important 
service that can be rendered by our benevolent causes by acquainting their 
people with the services of the Presbyterian Foundation and by inviting 
them in the making of wills to contribute to the ongoing work of their 

3. That local church committees on Budget and Finance include at 
least two women since the Women of the Church are making their finan- 
cial reports through the church treasurer. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Leslie N. Boney, Jr. reported that Presbytery Treasurer's books 
have been audited and found in proper order. 

The commissioners to the General Assembly reported their at- 
tendance. Their reports were received as information and they 
were commended for their diligence. 

The Rev. H. J. Kaylor reported the installation of the Rev. E. 
G. Connette, Jr. as pastor of St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian 
Church. The report of the commission was admitted to record as 
follows : 

The Commission of Wilmington Presbytery appointed to install the 
Reverend Mr. Edward G. Connette, Jr. as pastor of the St. Andrews- 
Covenant Presbyterian Church met at the Church at 7:00 p.m. on Sun- 
day, June 15, in Wilmington, N. C. 



Dr. L. A. Taylor, acting as Moderator, called the Commission to order 
and led in prayer. The Commission elected Mr. Hubert Kaylor as clerk. 

The Commission then moved to the Sanctuary for an inspirational 
worship service and installation service. Dr. L. A. Taylor moderated the 
meeting. Dr. Frank Hall preached a most appropriate sermon entitled, 
"The City of God". In this sermon, Dr. Hall commended the congrega- 
tion for their vision, and complimented them on their newly-remodeled 
sanctuary and educational building. 

The Reverend Hubert Kaylor propounded the constitutional questions. 
The Reverend John MacKinnon charged the pastor; Ruling Elder Kyle 
Bannerman charged the congregation, and Ruling Elder Ernest Starnes 
served as an alternate. 

The Commission returned to the Session Room following the worship 
and installation service. The minutes were read and approved, and Dr. 
L. A. Taylor closed the meeting with prayer. 

Submitted by 


Clerk of Commission 

Mr. William Boney spoke in reference to the Presbyterian Home 
for the Aged at High Point. The scheduled campaign for funds in 
1959 was approved and endorsed. 

The Rev. Richard Andrews requested Presbytery to dissolve 
the pastoral relationship existing between him and the Oak Grove 
and Myrtle Grove Churches that he might accept a call to the 
Cobb Memorial Church of Albemarle Presbytery; that he be given 
a letter of transfer to that Presbytery. The churches reported that 
duly called congregational meetings had been held and that the 
congregations reluctantly concurred in the request. After expres- 
sions of esteem and good will, Presbytery dissolved the pastoral 
relationship and granted a letter of transfer to Albemarle Presbv- 
tery effective August 15, 1958. 

The Rev. B. F. Hall reported for the Committee on Nomina- 
tions. It was adopted as follows : 

Trustee of Davidson College, Class of 1961, to fill unexpired term of 
E. D. Witherspoon— B. F. Hall 

Christian Education — To replace J. C. McCann, Mrs. Lou Belle Wil- 
liams of Beulaville 

To replace E. D. Witherspoon, Mrs. Steve Mallard of Wallace 

Homes — To fill unexpired term of Rev. J. C. McCann: J. L. Stevenson 
Add J. S. Russell 

Higher Education — To fill unexpired term of W. B. Hood: John Irvine 

General Fund Agencies — To fill unexpired term of Rev. John Steele: 
Charles Brindell 

Audits — To replace W. E. Perdew: K. E. Dorward 

Nominations — To fill unexpired term of Rev. W. B. Hood: Walter 
Goodman, Jr. 

Add Mac F. Jones 



Examinations — To fill unexpired term of Rev. J. C. McCann: E. G. 
Connette, Jr. 

Marriage and Divorce, Area #1 — To replace W. B. Hood: Charles 

The motion was made and adopted that the manual be revised 
to conform to the practice of Presbytery in the matter of member- 
ship of the Committee on Marriage and Divorce. 

The Rev. C. W. Worth reported for the Church and Manse As- 
sistance Fund. It was received as information. 

The Rev. C. W. Worth reported the request of Salem Chapel 
of Chinquapin Church for organization into a church. It was re- 
ferred to the Home Mission Committee. 

The Rev. J. R. MacKinnon reported for the Standing Commit- 
tee on Leave of Absence as follows : 

The following have requested to be excused from attending this meet- 
ing: P. L. Clark, P. H. Gwynn, J. W. Miller, David B. Jenkins. 

The requests were granted. 

The Rev. Reid Erwin reported for the Committee on Resolu- 
tions of Thanks as follows : 


Be it resolved that Wilmington Presbytery express its sincere apprecia- 
tion and gratitude to the retiring moderator, the Rev. Albert Harris, Jr., 
for the powerful and moving sermon which he laid upon our hearts. To 
the moderator, the Rev. Horace Hilton, we extend our appreciation for his 
wisdom and grace in leading Presbytery to the orderly conclusions of its 
business. We are grateful for the impressive communion service led by 
the Rev. J. S. Russell and the Rev. C. W. Worth and as served so effec- 
tively by the Ruling Elders. We have been greatly blessed as a result of 
the examinations of the candidates for the Gospel Ministry and we wish to 
thank those who conducted the examination and those who were examined 
with special appreciation for the sermons preached. 

Our hearty thanks go to the Rev. J. L. Stevenson, the officers and mem- 
bers of the host church. The Women of the Church are to be specially 
commended for the preparation and serving of the magnificent dinner 
which was second to none and which made our visit to Chadbourn a 
memorable event. 

Be it resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to the host church 
that the officers and members may know of our appreciation. 

Respectfully submitted, 

E. G. CONNETTE, JR., Chairman 

It was moved and adopted that it shall be the duty of the chair- 
man of the Standing Committee on Resolutions of Thanks to pre- 
pare and transmit a copy of the Resolutions and Thanks to the 
host church; that the manual be so revised. 



A recommendation regarding payment for the entertainment of 
Presbytery was referred to the Council of Presbytery for study. 

Elder Mac F. Jones was nominated Moderator of the next 

The minutes were read and approved. 

Presbytery adjourned with prayer to meet October 21 at a 
place yet to be designated. 

J. S. WALKUP, Permanent Clerk 
L. A. TAYLOR, Stated Clerk 





Moderators: April 1 meeting, Rev. Albert G. Harris; Jul} 7 meeting, Rev. 

Horace H. Hilton. 
Stated Clerk, Treasurer, Executive Secretary: Rev. L. A. Taylor. 
Permanent Clerk: Rev. J. S. Walkup. 


1. Presbytery: James H. Clark, J. Kyle Bannerman, E. Walker Stevens. 

2. Davidson College: 1 959— Rev. M. C. MacQueen, 1 961 — Rev. B. Frank 


3. Flora Macdonald College: 

1958— Rev. B. Frank Hall, Rev. L. A. Taylor, E. L. Derrick, D. M. 

1959— Rev. W. H. Allison, Rev. J. W. Miller, J. A. Love, W. B. Beery III. 
I960— Rev. C. W. Worth, Rev. J. S. Russell, L. N. Boney, Jr., Mrs. A. W. 


L. N. Boney, Jr., Chairman, Rev. N. P. Farrior, Rev. W. H. Allison, Rev. 
A. G. Harris, Mrs. J. R. Benson, Mrs. D. D. Clark, James Harris, C. 
F. Mallard, E. Walker Stevens, Charles Brindell, John T. Talbert, Jr. 

1. Church Extension: Rev. B. Frank Hall, Chairman. 
1958— Rev. W. H. Goodman, Rev. M. C. Macqueen, L. N. Boney, Jr., 

Gardner Edwards. 
J 959— Rev. C. W. Worth, Dr. W. C. Mebane, L. B. Huie, Mrs. R. C. 

1960— Rev. B. Frank Hall, Rev. Harry Mitchell, William B. Berry III, F. 

E. Little, Rev. M. J. McChesney. 

Home Missions: Rev. C. W. Worth, Chairman, Rev. M. C. MacQueen, 

Rev. M. J. McChesnev, F. E. Little, L. N. Boney, Jr., William B. 

Beery III, Mrs. R. C. McCarl. 
Evangelism: Rev. H. H. Hilton, Chairman, Dr. W. C. Mebane, Miss Mary 

Christian Relations: Rev. B. Frank Hall, Chairman, Gardner Edwards, 

Rev. Harry Mitchell. 
Negro Work: Rev. W. H. Goodman, Chairman, L. B. Huie. 
Radio: Rev. Harry Mitchell, Chairman, William B. Beery III. 


Rev. Albert G. Harris, Chairman 

1958 — Rev. Albert G. Harris, Rev. J. S. Russell, Rev. John L. Stevenson, 

Mrs. C. D. Parker, Ramie Davis. 
1959 — Rev. J. S. Walkup, Marshall Crews, Mrs. L. B. Cavenaugh. 
1960— Rev. C. S. McChesney, Rev. Reid Erwin, Rev. Hubert Kaylor, Rev. 
John Irvine, D. M. Calhoun. 

Children's Work: Chairman, Rev. J. S. Russell, Lake Waccamaw Presby- 
terian Church, Lake Waccamaw, N. C; Rev. John Irvine, McClure 
Memorial Presbyterian Church, Castle Hayne, N. C.j Mrs. Ash Mil- 
ler, Beulaville, N. C. 



Pioneer Work: Chairman, Rev. Reid Erwin, Chinquapin, N. C; Mrs. C. 
D. Parker, 3828 South Front Street, Wilmington, N. C; Rev. Hubert 
Kaylor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, N. C. 

Senior High Work: Chairman, Rev. C. S. McChesney, Rockfish Presby- 
terian Church, R.F.D., Wallace, N. C; Mr. D. M. Calhoun, 
Elizabethtown, N. C; Miss Peggy Raymer (Advisory Member), St. 
Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, N. C. 

Young Adult Work: Chairman, Mr. Marshall Crews, 2711 Willow Street, 
Wilmington, N. C. 

Men's Work: Chairman, Rev. J. S. Walkup, Westminster Presbyterian 
Church, Whiteville, N. C.j President— Men of the Church, Gerald 
Carr, Rose Hill, N. C. 

Leadership Education: Chairman, Mr. Ramey Davis, Wildwood, N. C; 
Sunday School Superintendent's Association, President, Mr. C. F. 
Mallard (Advisory Member), Burgaw, N. C. 

Camp Procurement Committee: Convener, Rev. Hubert Kaylor, West- 
minster Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, N. C; Rev. John Irvine, 
McClure Memorial Presbyterian Church, Castle Hayne, N. C; Mr. 
D. J. Lanier, 2214 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, N. C; Rev. Frank 
Elliott, Bethany Presbyterian Church, 569 Castle Hayne Road, Wil- 
mington, N. C.j Mr. William B. Beery III, 2927 Hydrangea Street, 
Wilmington, N. C. 

District Advisors: District 2, Mr. Jack Council, Lake Waccamaw, N. C; 
District 3, Mr. Lee Murdock, Wildwood, N. C; District 4, Mr. C. F. 
Mallard, Burgaw, N. C; District 5, Mr. L. J. Walls, Jr., Clinton, 

N. C. 


1. World Missions: Rev. N. P. Farrior, Chairman. 

1958— Rev. Reid H. Erwin, C. A. Williams. 
J 959— Rev. N. P. Farrior, D. M. Calhoun. 
1960— Rev. J. F. Clark, Mrs. Dan Bright. 

2. Annuities & Relief: H. McNair Johnson, Chairman. 

1958— Rev. N. H. Flowers, Dr. H. A. Edwards. 
1959— Rev. Richard K. Johnson, H. McNair Johnson. 
I960— Rev. J. A. Marrow, W. E. Starnes. 

3. Homes: Rev. J. S. Russell, Chairman. 

J 958— Rev. Alvis M. Daniel, Mrs. P. R. Smith. 
1959 — Rev. John L. Stevenson, D. A. Boyette. 
1 960— Rev. J. S. Russell, W. H. Henderson. 

4. Records: Rev. S. T. Snively, Chairman. 

1 958— Rev. S. T. Snively, Rev. Alvis M. Daniel, 
j 959— Rev. J. F. Clark, R. P. Bender. 
2 960— Rev. C. H. McLean. 

5. Higher Education: Rev. W. H. Allison, Chairman. 

J 958— Rev. W. H. Allison, Dr. Price Gwynn, C. S. Clark. 

1959 — Rev. John Irvine, J. R. Marks, Mrs. Franklyn Jones. 

1960 — Rev. W. H. Goodman, Rev. John L. Stevenson, H. L. Joslyn. 



6. General Fund Causes: Rev. James A. Marrow, Chairman. 

J 958 — Rev. James A. Marrow, 
i 959— W.C. Scoggins. 
i960— Charles Brindell. 

7. Women of the Church: Rev. Hubert J. Kaylor, Chairman. 

J 9 5 8 —Rev. Hubert J . Kaylor. 
J 959— Rev. Harry P. Mitchell. 
i960 — Rev. Richard Johnson. 

8. Adults: R. C. Piatt, Jr., Chairman. 

1958— Jordan Sloan. 
1959— K. E. Dorward. 
i960— R.C.Piatt, Jr. 

9. Nominations: Rev. B. Frank Hall, Chairman. 

i 958— Rev. B. Frank Hall, C. S. Clark. 

1 959— Rev. John M. Irvine, Dr. W. C. Mebane. 

i960 — Rev. W. H. Goodman, Jack Council, Mac F. Jones. 

10. Examinations: Dr. Price H. Gwynn, Chairman. 

Theology: i 958— Rev. Ben L. Rose, i 959— Dr. Price H. Gwynn. 

Experimental Religion: 1958 — Rev. P. L. Clark, Rev. M. C. Mac- 

Sacraments 6- Church Government: 1958 — Rev. E. G. Connette, 
1959— Rev. J. W. Miller. 

English Bible: 1959 — Rev. James A. Marrow, 1960 — Rev. Horace 
H. Hilton. 

11. Marriage and Divorce. 

Area #1. i 959— Rev. N. H. Flowers, 1960— Rev. Charles Williams. 

1960— Rev. M. C. MacQueen. 
Area #2. 1958— Rev. H. H. Hilton, 1959— Rev. M. J. McChesney, 

1960— Rev. B. Frank Hall. 
Area #3. 1958— Rev. J. W. Miller, 1959— Rev. C. W. Worth, 

i960— Rev. J. S. Walkup. 


1958— Rev. R. J. Wilkins, Rev. M. J. McChesney. 

1959— Rev. C. W. Worth, H. McNair Johnson, W. C. Scoggins. 

1960— Rev. J. W. Miller, J. R. Marks. 




Annuities and Relief, Annual Report of Committee 8 

Andrews, Rev. Richard, Dismissed 21 

Benevolences, Budget for 1959 Adopted 18 

Brown, James Wessell, Received as a Candidate for the Ministry 14 

Candidates for the Ministry, Roster.. 2 Attending Presbytery 14 

Caulk, Ruling Elder Royden, Retiring Moderator, Sermon Preached 3 

Church Roster 2 

Contingent Fee Increased From 35c to 75c, Per Year 18 

Connette, Rev. E. C, Installed 20 

Council of Presbytery, Annual Report 18 

Christian Education Committee Report 5 

Commissioners to General Assembly Report Attendance 20 

Directory of Presbytery 24 

Dixon, Clifton E., Dismissed as a Candidate 14 

General Fund Agencies, Report of Committee 19 

Higher Education Committee, Report 19 

Hilton, Rev. H. H., Elected Moderator 13 

Hood, Rev. William, Dismissed 10 

Jones, Ruling Elder Mac F., Nominated Moderator 23 

Leave of Absence, Committee Report 11, 13 

Lewis, Herbert T., Received, Examined 14 

Manual of Presbytery Amended 8 

McCann, Rev. Jerry C, Dismissed 10 

Musselwhite, Eugene, Received as Candidate for the Ministry 5 

Nominations Committee Report 21 

Presbyterian Home, Financial Campaign Approved 21 

Pauley, William, Received, Examined 14 

Records of Presbytery, Report of Committee 4 

Resolutions of Thanks 11, 22 

Smythe, Rev. William S. Dismissed 4 

Steele, Rev. John S. Dismissed 4 

Terry, William H., Received, Examined 14 

VanderVenter, William V., Received as a Candidate for Ministry 5 


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